5* Hotel Clerk Fired After Guests Recognize Her From Only fans

Social media has taken the world by storm and the latest trend without a doubt is Onlyfans. Since its launch in 2016, OnlyFans has enjoyed incredible growth and popularity.

One of the creators who signed up for Onlyfans is 23 years old Ellla Rose. She worked as a receptionist at the Mariott hotel and decided to start Onlyfans account to save some money for her studies.


Ellla quickly gained a large following by offering fans to see her taking off clothes and as she puts it “making my supporters happy in the DM’s”. She is now one of Onlyfans TOP 5% creators.

Several months in she had gained so much popularity that some people started recognizing her on the street.


It felt amazing. I was making my supporters happy in DM’s and my account exploded. More and more people would support me and I was focusing on creating the best content I can for them.

-Ellla Rose

I went all in. If my followers wanted to see something HOT, I would film them something dirty before heading out to my job. After some time I started filming content even during my lunch break. That was hard, but people really enjoyed it, so I had to go on.

-Ellla Rose

One day a group of male tourists showed up in the hotel. I helped them to check in and escorted them to their room. In the elevator, I noticed two of the guests are really nervous and constantly looking at me, but they didn’t say a thing.

After this things got weird..


Couple weeks later, I was asked to meet my supervisor to discuss an urgent matter..

He told me that some of the guests were asking about me. At the time I did not realize these were the guests from elevator.


My supervisor explained that these guests follow me on social media and they have reached out to some of our staff members to figure out if I really am the same person.

Ellla’s co-workers wanted to see why she is so recognizable and were astonished after checking her Instagram account. Quickly they found a reference to Onlyfans and signed up to her fan page. In a few weeks all of her male co-workers were following her on Onlyfans.

My supervisor was also following me on Onlyfans. He took his phone, opened my profile and there I saw all my dirty pics and videos.. He explained that even though he supports me, I won’t be able to continue my career at this hotel.

Ellla got fired from her job and while it was devastating, now she had more free time to focus on her social media career.

My supporters helped me along the way. I really love all my fans and I try to make them as happy as I can. For this they give me a lot of love in return. While it was sad to get fired, I have more time to work on my content and it seems to be working out great for everyone.


Hotel declined to comment on the incident.


Oligarch’s Granddaughter Leena River Runs Away From Family And Starts OnlyFans Account to Survive

It was a little over 2 years ago when we first heard of Leena River. She was the hot news sensation for months as she gained millions of followers with her viral videos on Tik Tok, Snapchat and Instagram. Most popular videos on @leenariver profiles featured Leena and her hot girlfriends enjoying the 0.01 percent lifestyle on a superyacht sailing around the world and showing off their hot bodies.

Rumours about Leena’s family having hard time supporting her choices sprung up already in 2018. Altough Leena never disclosed her real name and refuses to talk about her family, her fans quickly pointed out many instances when she has been caught partying with male and female models and children from incredibly wealthy families.

It’s reported Leena and her sister hired numerous top-class chefs for her massive parties as seen on stories on multiple chef Instagram accounts, including Salt Bae, Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver. Son of the well known Russian oligarch Valery Kogan and extended family members of Dmitry Kamenshchik, who together own Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, were also seen enjoying a good time on the same yacht.

On 11th of August Leena River notified her fans for the last time by posting a story:

My life until this point has been a wild rollercoaster ride.. My family does not support my life choices and dreams anymore.. I can’t continue to live in my families shadow..

Last Story Leena River Posted Before Dissapearing

After posting this on her Instagram, River deleted all of her social media accounts with millions of followers overnight. For more than 5 months River’s fans had no idea what happened. Some even suggested she is kidnapped, while others pointed out her previous posts where she mentioned she wants to undergo a delicate plastic surgery.

Luckily for us, Leena can’t keep her head under the water for too long. On January 12th, some of her fans reported noticing River’s profile @leenariver on OnlyFans.

A lot has changed since then. River has since moved to Spain and is trying to survive without her familys money. She does not want to talk about what exactly happened between her and her family, but she is working hard to earn a living now.

I need to send a nude now and then to my biggest contributors, but I support myself financially now. I want to live my own life and I don’t care what my family thinks about my life choices anymore.

When asked about what has changed in her life over the past year, she responded:

Everything. I am living a simple life now – I do yoga, stretch my body and try to be a good girl. I’m terrible at being good, but people seem to like it.

Leena said she does not plan to continue her career as an influencer and her old social media profiles will remain shut down.

I am happy where I am now. I will only post to my OnlyFans and all other accounts will remain shut down.

But it sure must be hard to give up your lavish lifestyle. How do you deal with people from the past when they discover your OnlyFans profile?

When people find out about my OnlyFans profile, they think I’m still the young Leena I used to be last year. I am not that person anymore. I need to make my own money now, so if you’re a loyal fan, you DM me and are nice to me, I might send you a nude or something very sexy in my undies.

With all of the attention in the past, @leenariver knows very well what she is talking about. Now tell us what do you think. Will she be able to make it on her own? Is OnlyFans enough to support her lavish lifestyle?


This Uber Driver Get Busted Eating Their Customer’s Chips

It seems like there should be a hallowed tie of trust between a conveyance driver and a client, however when you consider everything, why the hellfire ought to there be? On the off chance that you’re a conveyance driver, at that point you’re simply taking something to some fat ass sluggish butthead who can’t be tried to go get it himself and chances are you’re not in any event, getting paid that well and they’re not even going to tip you. Conveyance drivers don’t owe their folks poo.

Moment A UberEats Driver Caught Eating Customer's Chips - LADbible

So it’s kinda shocked me that a particularly serious deal has been made about the video beneath. It comes from over in Melbourne, Australia and highlights a Uber Eats conveyance fellow pulling up to somebody’s home and diving into their fries while they sit tight for them to answer the entryway. They wind up figuring out how to wolf down the fries before they go to the entryway, yet even sadly there was no chance to get of getting away from the security film:

Watch This Uber Driver Get Busted Eating Their Customer's Chips – Sick  Chirpse

Better believe it I intend to be straightforward, I don’t generally get why everybody is giving this person trouble. Such an unwritten guideline that on the off chance that you proceed to get nourishment for somebody, at that point you will capture several their chips in transit home/any place you’re going – it’s simply the law of the wilderness. I ain’t going to despise on a Uber driver for chowing down on a couple for carrying them to my entryway. Fellow’s gotta eat and he’s likely so hurried off his feet he ain’t got time to stop for a spot. An OK with me however fam.


Ex-McDonald’s employee spills store secrets including ‘real reason’ straws are so long

Michael Ryan took to TikTok to dish the soil on McDonald’s mysteries including reality behind its chicken plates of mixed greens and why its Coca Cola taste more pleasant.

A previous McDonald’s representative has uncovered the closely guarded secrets he learned while working at the cheap food chain.

Michael Ryan has dished the earth on everything from reality behind its chicken plates of mixed greens and why its Coca Cola taste more pleasant.

Michael from the US, who is known as @evilglitterqueen on TikTok, answered to an individual client’s solicitation for workers of bigger organizations to share insider data from their positions.

In a video that has been seen in excess of multiple times on the stage, Michael clarified the “genuine explanation” McDonald’s straws are so long.

Picture of a McDonald's cup

Michael stated: “I worked at McDonald’s and I adapted so much s***.

“You feel that they’re simply cheap food and s*** yet there’s such a huge amount of science behind it.

“For instance, your straw at McDonald’s is bigger – do you realize why it’s bigger? Since it lets more carbonation hit your tongue and makes the soft drink taste better.

Screenshot of a man from TikTok

“That is the reason it’s better at McDonald’s.”

He additionally guaranteed that the cheap food anchor commissions Coca-Cola to make an exceptional syrup with more sugar and flavor.

McDonald’s has affirmed the thinking behind its more extensive straws on its site, and furthermore clarified that the explanation it tastes so great, is on the grounds that the Coca-Cola syrup is pre-chilled before it enters the wellspring containers and the proportion of syrup is deliberately set to take into account ice to liquefy.

However, that is not his lone case about the chain as he additionally claimed: “Their flame broiled chicken is infused with a salt water combination to keep it damp yet in addition flavourful.”

Before he proceeded to state: “Their frozen yogurt machine is produced using entire whipping cream and it’s cleaned once per week.”


Christine McGuinness Explains Why Her Kids Had Fish Fingers And Chips For Christmas Dinner

Christine McGuinness has shared a photograph indicating her children’s Christmas supper of fried fish and French fries and opened up about what it resembles to be a parent of youths with food revultion.

Model Christine, who is hitched to Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness, clarified that their three kids – Penelope and Leo, seven, and four-year-old Felicity – all have chemical imbalance and it limits what they’ll eat.

Credit: Christine McGuinness/Instagram

Sharing the snaps of her and Paddy’s more customary Christmas Day supper close by plates of fish fingers and chips, Christine stated: “On the grounds that mental imbalance doesn’t stop for Christmas day!

“They like what they like and I need my youngsters to eat so I pick my fights and I don’t need one today!

“For any individual who may not get this, food abhorrence can be very normal for those with chemical imbalance.

“This isn’t apathetic nurturing or particular kids, this is tangible issues because of their condition that limits what our youngsters eat.

“I am enchanted they are gradually investigating new surfaces.

“I’m simply upbeat they eat on the grounds that there have been times they thoroughly decline.

“It very well might be essential it’s still all beige however they’re upbeat and their bellies are full.

Christine McGuinness Explains Why Her Kids Had Fish Fingers And Chips For Christmas Dinner

“For anybody with mentally unbalanced kids this Christmas… I trust you had a quiet day, I feel your fatigue and I hear your murmur of alleviation that the Christmas period is practically finished.”

Christine’s adherents commended her for her trustworthiness, with one individual answering: “So ideal to understand this. I expected to see this today. Tired of being called languid or being told, ‘Leave it front of them, in the event that they are ravenous, they will eat.'”

Another stated: “I can thoroughly relate, pieces and fries for my girl – I’m simply upbeat she eats!”

While a third stated: “Thank you for posting this. I work with kids with extra requirements and this is genuine for such countless families.

“I’m happy you’ve had a beautiful loosening up Christmas day together. Cheerful Christmas excellent family.”

In a previous post, Christine disclosed to her devotees her three children had been ‘astounding’ over Christmas and that the family appreciated a ‘shockingly quiet’ day.

Credit: PA

Cruel Prankster Orders Loads Of Food From Restaurant Then Doesn’t Pay

A pitiless clown chose to pull a trick on a striving eatery in Melbourne by requesting AU $170 (£95) of food prior to giving over a phony location and declining to pay for any of it.

The man requested 21 dinners of grub from an eatery in the Yarra Ranges territory of the Victorian city with let loose conveyance and the alternative to pay on appearance.

Cruel Prankster Orders Loads Of Food From Restaurant Then Doesn't Pay -  LADbible

In any case, since he’d given them a dodgy location, he clearly never proposed to settle up on appearance of the food.

Presently, it’s never a smart thought to do such a thing, however particularly as Victoria has been one of the most exceedingly awful hit conditions of Australia due to the Covid pandemic.

It’s super cowardly.

In instant messages that were imparted to the driver, the man reacted with an approval when he was informed that his food was en route to him.

But it wasn’t headed to him by any means. It was en route to a false location.

At the point when the terrible conveyance driver showed up at the location, he messaged: “Address you gave isn’t right.”

Credit: Reddit

The jokester – in the event that you can even consider them that – reacted: “I know. F***heads.”

The café later communicated something specific that read: “Thank you for letting a little nearby striving business somewhere around doing these sort of cruel jokes. Endowments.”

Now, the man lost control and forceful, expressing: “You dumb c. Nobody wanna purchase your s. I have a housewife so I needn’t bother with your f***ing food.”

Someone else stated: “I don’t think individuals very comprehend what a trick is versus simply being an a**hole.”

A third individual just stated: “Wtf. Makes my head spin with rage.”

That’s right, it’s a staggeringly brutal stunt to play, particularly when eateries and accommodation organizations around the world have been battling such a great amount all through this entire loathsome pandemic.

In case you’re thinking about pulling a trick this way, have a second consider the big picture and choose not to be a flat out w***er.

Cruel Prankster Orders Loads Of Food From Restaurant Then Doesn't Pay -  LADbible

One In 10 Adults Thinks Their Partner Eating McDonald’s Without Them Is As Bad As Cheating

Numerous individuals were feeling the loss of a past Maccies all through lockdown, which turned out to be exceptionally obvious from the tremendous lines of vehicles when a portion of the chain’s cafés resumed for drive-through.

So it’s unmistakable we profoundly love the cheap food goliath – however in the event that your accomplice appreciated a Big Mac without you, OK go similar to putting it on a standard with cheating?

More than one out of 10 grown-ups would clearly…

One In 10 Adults Thinks Their Partner Eating McDonald's Without Them Is As Bad As Cheating

As per a survey of 1,000 cheap food fans, one out of 20 are frantic for a sample of Maccies following quite a while of doing without and would say a final farewell to their other half on the off chance that they went for a subtle drive-through alone.

The wonderful dedication among its clients is likewise featured by claims from one of every five that their first taste of a Big Mac after lockdown was superior to a compensation rise (17 percent).

In the interim, 16 percent of steadfast Maccies fans even evaluated the inclination as being on a standard with the introduction of their first kid (who are these individuals?!) and 13 percent believed it to be superior to their big day.

Envision contrasting your child with a £5 dinner.

Credit: PA

The survey additionally uncovered 16 percent of the individuals who have appreciated a McDonald’s since limitations were lifted, believed it to be in a way that is better than getting an advancement at work.

What’s more, just about a fifth felt more joyful than if their number one football crew were to win the group.

A morning Sausage and Egg McMuffin while in transit to work was the event generally missed during lockdown (22 percent) trailed by family outings to the drive-through (21 percent) and end of the week stop-offs while out shopping (21 percent).

Yet, there was pressure for some edgy clients surveyed, by means of OnePoll, on account of the possibility that we may one day need to abandon again – with 46 percent asserting they would prefer to surrender alcohol than their #1 burger.

Credit: PA

Just about one out of 10 would want to abandon their cell phone and 29 percent would prefer to skip watching sport for a year on the off chance that it implied they could get their hands on a Big Mac. Okay, they’re acceptable however would they say they are that acceptable?

All things considered, nobody should quit any pretense of anything soon in light of the fact that McDonald’s cafés will return eat in territories from Wednesday 22 July over the UK. Drive-through eateries are now open.

Around 700 of the chain’s branches will open for individuals to eat in starting tomorrow – aside from in Wales – following a fruitful preliminary.

The move likewise implies that a portion of the eateries can partake in the Chancellor’s Eat Out to Help Out plan, offering 50% off feast in bills, up to £10 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August.

These McDonald’s sweethearts should set up camp.

Give up booze over burgers? Not a chance. Credit: PA

Fast Food Worker Adds Her Own Ketchup To Burger In The Form Of Period Blood

A fast food worker over in Mississippi has been blamed for spreading her own period blood on a client’s sandwich. Discussion about a bleeding burger.

Sky Juliett Samuel was working at Jack’s Family Restaurant on January seventh when a colleague said they saw the 18-year-old smear blood and spit onto the burger prior to serving it up.

Fast Food Worker Adds Her Own Ketchup To Burger In The Form Of Period Blood  – Sick Chirpse

After Sky’s associate’s mum raised worries over Facebook, the episode got consideration, making an examination be dispatched. The casualty later informed the Columbus Police Department regarding it, which is when Sky chose to hand herself in.

She could now look as long as five years in jail if she’s indicted for “purposely selling unwholesome bread or drink.” Got to cherish them crazy American jail sentences. Alright, so there’s no reason for presenting period blood, however five years? On the off chance that anything they should simply send this chick on a wellbeing and security course and ensure the premises is constantly loaded up with Tampax. Issue understood.

Fast Food Worker Adds Her Own Ketchup To Burger In The Form Of Period Blood  – Sick Chirpse

This Chinese Restaurant Just Got Busted Serving Human Feet To Customers

A Chinese eatery in Italy has been blamed for serving human feet to its clients. I surmise you could state that it’s out of line (pardon the quip).

The claims come after a server posted a dingy photograph via online media, implying to show decaying human feet. This was all after a cafe from Slovenia went to the café mentioning bear paws… what he got was a stunning astonishment.

The real image of the feet is very NSFL, so be cautioned. In the event that you truly need to see it, see underneath:

Subsequent to getting a tip off from the online network, police and food monitors have since looked through the premises and have found 55 pounds of meat and fish of “sketchy” cause. Soil and oil was additionally discovered everywhere on the structure.

What’s unimaginable is that reports are hazy on whether the eatery stays open. I mean please – clearly they were closed down the second that image flowed on the web. Seeing somebody’s decaying toes doesn’t actually shout “haute cooking.” Although perhaps this delicacy truly tastes that great, wherein case, make mine a foot long.

This Guy ‘Sort Of’ Cheated On His Wife, Still Ends Up With Thousands Of Women Adoring Him

This fella figured out how to incidentally ‘kind of’ undermine his significant other, yet end up with a great many ladies worshiping him for it after he posted the image and clarification on Facebook.

Individuals like this make life harder for most of us. Young men, it’s most likely best you don’t show your sweetheart this.

Jason Hewlett was making the rounds, looking for ‘masculine things’, for example, eyebrow tweezers and sardines, when a young lady before him in the line at the checkout got his attention. He pondered internally:

Amazing, some person is fortunate to be with her!

Presently. Meandering eyes looking at ladies when you’re seeing someone be somewhat of a hazy situation. Individuals can’t resist seeing on the off chance that someone is appealing, I conjecture, yet on the off chance that your missus discovered you liked an arbitrary young lady in the grocery store, she presumably wouldn’t be best satisfied.

In any case, Jason, the jammy poo, doesn’t need to stress over that. He understood that this lady was really his significant other.

You know, it was barely outside the realm of relevance to see my companion at a similar store, in a similar line, carrying on with her life and not realizing she may be at a similar spot, same time, distinctive vehicle.

There was an individual between us, so I just viewed my adorable little love, attempted to message her stuff like, “Hello Hottie” and “What are you purchasing now my Babelicious?”, none of which stood out enough to be noticed as she was searching for a coupon she’d spared only for this buy.

He picked against ‘jumping on the register’ and chose to quietly notice his significant other from a short separation.

Most importantly, I was shocked by how incredibly delightful she is by and by. I trust I see it frequently, yet today, not realizing she was at the store, I saw her with new eyes.

I just couldn’t trust I will be her fella.

She snatched her things and left the entryway. I said nothing, didn’t wave to her, just watched her leave, respectfully, knowing she’s my better half and I love everything about this lady.

He remembered for the post about the fact that he is so fortunate to have her, and how it required a push to win her in any case. The wet frankfurter.

His Facebook post has now circulated around the web, and a large number of ladies are remarking on it, saying how beautiful it is, and how they wish their other half would accomplish something to that effect. Suppose it wasn’t her and he posted it, however. Or on the other hand he quietly watched her compensation for her things, at that point leave clasping hands with another man. Not that I’m mad and lament indicating my missus this Facebook post or anything.

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