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Police investigate dangerous bonnet-surfing TikTok stunt

Per an ongoing report by News.com.au, the recording of the dangerous demonstration was transferred by a man named Luke Zivkovic on Saturday, October 10.

In the video being referred to, Zivkovic, who hails from Horsham in Victoria, can be seen wearing shades, drinking a jug of Carlton Dry lager, and smoking a cigarette, while riding on the cap of a vehicle down a vacant expressway.

Just as Zivkovic himself, another traveler riding inside the vehicle can likewise be seen shooting him.

As per News.com.au, the recording has since been shared almost multiple times and presently flaunts in excess of 2000 remarks on Facebook.

As far as concerns him, Zivkovic himself appears to be undecided about the obvious disgrace the video has conceded him.

After various news reports surfaced about his video, Zivkovic wrote a Facebook status on October 12, in which he composed:

“How’s everyone come out of the woodwork wanting to be friends on Facebook for my 10min of fame Hahahaha you hated me in school why the f*** would I wanna know ya now? [sic]”

Per News.com.au, a neighborhood police representative remarked on the episode by expressing:

“Police are aware of video footage circulating of a male traveling at speed on the bonnet of a vehicle believed to be in the Horsham area. The male has been identified and an investigation is underway to determine the exact circumstances of the incident.”

The recording was additionally joined by the hashtag #dreamschallenge, a TikTok pattern initially authored by a TikTok client and Idaho inhabitant named Nathan Apodaca.

As per ABC 7 News, Apocada originally circulated around the web after he transferred a video of himself skateboarding while at the same time drinking Ocean Spray brand cranberry juice after his vehicle stalled. In the foundation of the video, the Fleetwood Mac melody Dreams could be heard.

Per BBC News, band organizer Mick Fleetwood later by and by expressed gratitude toward Apocada for giving the melody a renewed purpose for getting up in the morning, and per ABC 7 News, an Ocean Spray delegate appeared at present him with a shiny new 2020 Nissan Frontier truck.

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Kanye West Allegedly Owes Big Sean $3 Million

Since Kanye West has gotten down on the record business for unreasonable agreements, others have scrutinized the rap craftsman’s treatment of his G.O.O.D. Music list. During an ongoing scene of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne gave some understanding into Kanye West’s business relationship with Big Sean.

During The Breakfast Club’s “Gossip Report,” Charlamagned guaranteed that Kanye West owes Big Sean, one of the most outstanding G.O.O.D. Music specialists, a huge number of dollars and gets an enormous bit of the Detroit rapper’s benefits.

“The limitation Big Sean shows to Kanye West is noteworthy,” Charlamagne said around five minutes into the above clasp. “I trust one day Big Sean recounts his story, yet simply realize Kanye West owes Big Sean a ton of cash and he got Big Sean in a truly horrendous agreement to be around here shouting about giving people their lords back.”

At the point when co-have Angela Yee raised Big Sean openly expressing gratitude toward West after he declared he’d give back the 50% offer he takes from his specialists aces, just as Sean’s ongoing collection being his keep going on his ebb and flow bargain, Charlamagne was more explicit on the circumstance among West and Sean.

“Kanye West owes Big Sean $3 million, Kanye West gets half of Sean’s benefits and half of Sean’s eminences, and Kanye wouldn’t consent to Big Sean getting his lords back from Def Jam…Kanye needs to do directly by Big Sean,” Charlamagne answered.

All through the remainder of the clasp, Charlamagne urges Blacks with capacity to do directly by their own kin.

Dr. Dre Wins Legal Battle, Judge Rejects Nicole Young’s $1.5 Million Request

Update 10/01/2020 4:44pm:

In another improvement in Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s separation, an adjudicator dismissed Nicole’s solicitation for $1.5 million to cover different costs, including security.

Nicole’s legal advisors contended that she needs the cash for security since she’s been getting demise dangers. Notwithstanding, the appointed authority denied her solicitation since she recently terminated her past security group that Dr. Dre was paying for. Nicole fruitlessly contended that she terminated her security in light of the fact that Dre is excessively controlling and taken steps to fire the security on the off chance that they didn’t follow his requests.

The adjudicator additionally denied Nicole’s solicitation to climb the January hearing on lawyer’s expenses. Dre’s legal counselor told the adjudicator that the maker is as yet ready to pay for Nicole’s costs and security, which was later arranged by the appointed authority.

Unique 09/29/2020 2:40pm:

Dr. Dre called Nicole Young’s interest for almost $2 million every month in impermanent spousal help “ludicrous” and asserted he’s as of now covering most of her budgetary needs.

As per the incredible maker, he’s now letting Nicole remain in his $20-25 million Malibu manor where his security brings his repelled spouse dinners arranged by private culinary experts three to five times each week. He’s additionally covering her Black Card tabs, which run from $150,000 to $350,000 every month.

“This all seems like the anger of an irate individual being exacerbated by astute legal counselors,” Dr. Dre purportedly said about the costs and “unapproved charges for [Nicole’s] lawyer’s expenses.”

Nicole Young sought legal separation in June and is requesting $5 million to cover her legitimate expenses notwithstanding $2 million every month in brief spousal help. Dr. Dre claims he’s offered to pay her attorneys another $350,000 through the year’s end.

LeBron Buys $36 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

LeBron James is proceeding to add to his land portfolio subsequent to gathering up a Beverly Hills manor for $36.75 million, which is somewhat underneath the first posting cost of $39 million. The past proprietor was Lee Phillip Bell, who co-made the dramas The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless with her late spouse William. This makes the third L.A. Region living arrangement for LeBron, who additionally purchased two homes in Brentwood for $23 million and $21 million each.

The NBA genius’ new home flaunts 13,000 square feet and sits on a rich 2.5 sections of land concealed from neighbors. The dazzling chateau likewise flaunts seven chimneys, a pool house with two showers, a lit tennis court, and a screening room. You can look at more photographs above.

Blac Chyna Reportedly Earns $20 Million Per Month on OnlyFans

An infographic posting the top-acquiring big names on OnlyFans has advanced around online media around the same time that Jordyn Woods reported she was joining the stage. While she’s not the most popular individual on the rundown, Blac Chyna beat the rundown by acquiring marginally over $20 million every month (the profit are recorded in pounds).

Coming in runner up is Bella Thorne ($12 million), whose page drew analysis from sex laborers and started contention by procuring $1 million on its first day and made the site change its arrangements. Cardi B and Tyga came in third and fourth spot by procuring over $9 million and $7 million individually. Balancing the main ten were Erica Mena ($4 million), Safaree ($2 million), and Casanova ($1 million).

While the month to month income are what’s featured in the infographic, not every person’s page is NSFW. For instance, Cardi B’s page shares in the background film of the rapper and has live-streamed Q&A meetings. The infographic likewise doesn’t state if the big names recorded pocket the entirety of their income.


Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Charged in $24M COVID-19 Relief Scheme

As per reports, Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue is in genuine lawful difficulty in the wake of being charged for his supposed function in a COVID-19 alleviation plot. Jewel Blue Smith, 36, was captured on Monday with 28-year-old Tonye C. Johnson of Pennsylvania for their parts in a $24 million COVID-19 help extortion conspire. The pair is dealing with indictments of wire misrepresentation, bank extortion, and intrigue to submit wire misrepresentation and bank extortion.

Child Blue purportedly purchased another Ferrari with cash cheated through the Paycheck Protection Program advance worth almost $427,000 dollars. He did likewise with another credit as much as $1 million. The FBI has since discovered that Smith was essential for a bigger activity that persuaded numerous others to petition for the credits while taking payoffs. Altogether, the FBI has charged 11 individuals regarding the plan.

Russell Westbrook Tipped NBA Bubble Housekeepers $8,000 After His Exit

As indicated by reports, Russell Westbrook demonstrated his appreciation for the housekeeping staff in Orlando during his stay inside the NBA bubble. Russ dropped a $8,000 tip and affirmed the motion to Taylor Rooks, saying, “They took incredible consideration of us. Took the time and energy to carry out their responsibility at a significant level. That was the correct thing.”

Westbrook was at first reluctant to reveal the sum he left for the staff yet said they left the spot “basically flawless.” The sum was later affirmed by correspondents at the Dallas Morning News before Westbrook’s development with Rooks and Bleacher Report.

Tory Lanez Charged with Shooting Megan Thee Stallion, Faces 22 Years

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office reported Thursday that Tory Lanez has been accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion. As per an official statement, his accuses incorporate attack of a quick firing gun, individual utilization of a gun, and conveying a stacked, unregistered gun in a vehicle. Lanez likewise faces a weapon charge and that he by and by delivered extraordinary substantial injury.

Lanez is blamed for shooting a few times at Megan Thee Stallion’s feet and injuring her subsequent to getting into a contention.

Lanez’s arraignment is booked for October 13. Whenever indicted, he faces a potential greatest sentence of 22 years and eight months in state jail. The Los Angeles Police Department is as yet examining the case.

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