Cardi B Defends Offset After Her Fans Slam Him on Twitter

While Cardi B is proceeding with her separation procedures against Offset, she made it clear to her fans that she won’t represent them hauling him on the web.

At the point when one fan considered Offset an “awful man,” Cardi B shielded her antagonized spouse in a since-erased tweet. She stated, “He a numb nuts not an awful man…cause out of everyone that attempted to take, artfulness me into working with their image for less he got individuals seeking me with CORRECT CONTRACTS and never request a dollar or advantage like every1 else. Nas is na however an awful character he not.”

At the point when another fan expressed that they “don’t care for Offset and it’s our entitlement to drag him,” Cardi let free, stating, “I don’t give a f*k on the off chance that you don’t care for him. I don’t converse with him yet you not going to affront my kid father. I will slap the sht out of you in [courtesy] of Kulture. On the off chance that he kick the bucket, go belly up, you not the one that will bring up my child and you not the 1 who pays for her sh*t.”

Soon after petitioning for legal separation, Cardi point by point why she is content with her choice, and she likewise denied bits of gossip that Offset has a youngster in transit with another lady. In a sound message, Cardi clarified, “I’m OK. I needed to let you all realize I have not cried not one tear. Each and every time that this person has been so insane, so fked up and it hits the media, I’m continually crying, consistently miserable on the grounds that I don’t care for that sort of sht. This time, I wasn’t crying. You need to know why? The explanation behind my separation isn’t a direct result of none of that sht that ever occurred previously. It’s not a direct result of cheating. I’m seeing individuals resemble, ‘Goodness, he has an infant in transit.’ That’s an entire fking complete falsehood. That is the subsequent time individuals are attempting to stick babies here. No, that is bullsh*t.”

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