Car Thief Arrested After Falling Neck-Deep In Cow Shit During Police Chase

A vehicle hoodlum got himself well and genuinely in the crap in the wake of falling ‘neck-somewhere down in a pit of slurry’ minutes before his capture.

Likewise, Sussex Police compounded an already painful situation by sharing a sonnet about the capture onto their Facebook page:

Presently I’ve never known about the expression “slurry” previously, however obviously it’s a combination comprised of dairy animals poop, concrete, or coal suspended in water. That is the specialized definition given by Google yet taking a gander at the pic of this person, I don’t perceive any concrete or coal, isn’t that right?

That not too far off is a man with dairy animals crap everywhere all over, hands, body, ears, mouth, nose and essentially wherever else you can get crap. What really occurred here? Did the presume see the pit of slurry and figure “this would make a decent concealing spot!”. Or then again did he incidentally fall in there as he was making his escape through a ranch? In any case, cherishing the croissant underwear!

Suspected car thief tries to escape police and falls into trench of manure
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