Bus Driver Suspended For Letting A Monkey Take The Wheel

It’s consistently perilous to goof off when driving a vehicle – yet having a genuine monkey in the driver’s seat is an unheard of level of hazardous, so it’s no big surprise a transport driver got suspended for letting a monkey take the wheel.

The driver was on his transport course in Karnataka state, India, when a monkey went ahead board with another traveler – which is most likely enough to set off alerts in any case, yet it just went downhill from that point.

The creature was supposed to be a langur monkey, a since quite a while ago followed arboreal Asian monkey with a trademark uproarious call.

It wouldn’t settle down anyplace other than forthcoming with the driver, which is defying a norm in itself on a transport. Travelers unquestionably should be before the white line while the transport is moving.

Investigate the bewildering scene here:

Not exclusively did the transport driver let the monkey sit on his lap, however he really let the little creature take the wheel of the transport – for around 10 minutes!

To be reasonable, it’s very amazing how the monkey didn’t crash in that time; I can certainly say it didn’t have a transport driver’s permit.

As per Vice, the transport driver let the monkey sit on the haggle as it wove its way through traffic around Davanagere, 270 kilometers from the provincial capital of Bangalore.

Obviously, the monkey couldn’t arrive at the pedals while he was driving, so the human driver dealt with gear changes and speed.

The stunning scene was caught on record and put on the web, where the individual who shared the video clarified specialists were exploring the circumstance.

They composed:

The Divisional Controller of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) said that the office is investigating the episode in view of the quantity of calls they were accepting, despite the fact that there were no bad things to say documented against the driver.

I can’t really accept that nobody grumbled about the driver! Are monkeys known to be especially acceptable transport drivers?

The (human) transport driver has since been suspended for his choice to let the monkey drive the transport.

As per ChannelNews Asia, a representative for the public authority’s street transport company clarified:

Driver M Prakash has been taken off the clock for permitting the monkey to sit on the directing haggle it.

Travelers’ security is foremost and the driver can’t chance it by permitting a monkey on the controlling.


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