Britney Spears Says She’s Going To ‘Post Less’ On Social Media After Judge Denies Request To Expedite Hearing

We expounded on Britney’s problematic online media propensities half a month back, so I’m happy she’s at long last removing our recommendation and venturing from Instagram for the not so distant future. You can’t be sharing topless pics and going on furious tirades about your family when you have significant court hearings coming that will choose your future, can you?

According to Hollywood Reporter, this comes following a choice by a LA judge to decay Britney’s solicitation to speed up the most recent court hearing in the artist’s conservatorship case.

Britney declared the news that she was making a stride back from online media, while making an exquisite avocado dish in her evidently last Instagram post for some time…

It would appear that Britney has understood that even with all the help she’s getting out there from her fans and companions, she’s not free and clear yet taking everything into account. The appointed authority and any other person engaged with the case will watch out for all that she does, including her web-based media movement, which has, I believe most would agree, been a touch odd of late. Which perhaps isn’t too astounding given all that she’s experienced the last 10+ years.

UPDATE: Britney has made two posts on Instagram only a couple hours in the wake of saying she was taking a break from online media…

Who can say for sure what the heck is going on this present young lady’s head any longer? Everything we can concede to is that the subtleties of her conservatorship are inconceivably f*cked up and something should be done about it ASAP.

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