Britney Spears’ Bodyguard Claims Singer Was Taken To ‘Parallel Universe’ With Cocktail Of Drugs

Britney Spears’ guardian has asserted that the artist was taken to a ‘equal universe’ with a mixed drink of amazing medications.

Fernandos Flore, who was the vocalist’s minder for a while in 2010, has asserted to The Sun that a ‘lady’ would visit her home each Friday and convey medicine.

“I’d clarify [to Britney] what everything was,” he reviewed. “Three enemy of maniacal meds and anti-conception medication pills.

“She’d go from rational to discussing equal universes.”

Britney Spears

The 40-year-old added that Spears was continually ‘bossed’ around by her father, James Spears, and would be left in tears.

Flores asserted: “Jamie would call three or four times each day to check what was happening.

“Assuming she needed something, she needed to ask his consent.

“She went through her days staring at the TV or working out.

“When down, she’d cry paying attention to [James Brown’s] ‘It’s A Man’s World’.”

Recently, the 39-year-old stood in opposition to her conservatorship interestingly.

In a 23-minute discourse, she expressed: “I really accept this conservatorship is harmful… I’ve told the entire world [that] I’m OK and I’m cheerful. It’s obviously false.

“I thought quite possibly [if] I said that enough, I may become cheerful on the grounds that I’ve been trying to claim ignorance. I’ve been in shock. I’m damaged. You know, ‘counterfeit it till you make it?

“In any case, presently I’m coming clean with you, alright? I’m unsettled. I can’t rest. I’m so irate, it’s crazy. Also, I’m discouraged. I cry each day, and the explanation I’m revealing to you this is on the grounds that I don’t figure the province of California can have this written in the court reports from the time I appeared and do literally nothing.”

She added: “My father and anybody engaged with this conservatorship, including my administration… they ought to be in prison.”

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