British Airways Stewardess Under Investigation For Offering ‘Adult Entertainment’ During Flights

Times are hard in the movement business at the present time, with thousands being furloughed or taking compensation cuts or given less flights/shifts than they were before this pandemic took off. So is anyone shocked British Airways representatives may be searching for additional approaches to bring in money?

The aircraft is this week researching claims that one of its air masters is filling in as a whore who offers “grown-up amusement” during flights – and even sells her clothing at £25 a pop, however the expense ‘rises steeply’ for coordinated meets at a lodging.

The airline steward promotes her administrations through online media (since erased every one of her records), sharing insidious pics and prodding that she wears no clothing during flights.

She composed on her blog:

In the event that you actually need grown-up amusement ready, you should simply give me an amount of cash and you’ll be blessed to receive an entire diverse encounter of your decision.

English Airways are examining, while one worker disclosed to The Sun:

She is plainly undermining herself and boosting her business by utilizing photographs accepted BA planes.

She is wearing the carrier uniform and there’s no uncertainty she’s an attendant. It is stunning neglect of obligation and not the picture BA needs of its lodge team.

“Not the picture BA needs of its lodge team”, despite the fact that its ticket deals are likely significantly increasing due to this lady. On the off chance that anything she should be commended, not decried, however now British Airways is exploring to reveal her personality and she will no uncertainty in the long run be terminated. Why? Who is she harming, goddamit?

I mean discussion about breaking new ground. Furthermore, particularly at a time where companies like British Airways have taken a battering by the pandemic. What a splendid thought from this youthful, brilliant business person!

Additionally important – a photograph she shared shows her spread on a lodging bed in Edinburgh, holding a glass of red wine between her toes. Subtitled:

Nothing better than becoming inebriated with my pilot so he can do anything he desires to me. Good wishes.

By what method can you not love this young lady? Allow her to live, British Airways. Allow her to live!

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