Britain’s Most Tattooed Man Can’t Understand Why He’s Still Single

All you require is love – regardless of whether you’re canvassed head to toe in tattoos and you changed your named to King Of Inkland King Body Art The Extreme Ink-ite.

Ink-ite – officially known as Matthew Whelan – is known for his amazingly itemized body craftsmanship, which covers around 90% of his body.

The fella’s even colored his eyes dark and had his areolas eliminated to take into account more ink room, also he has a Jeremy Kyle stamp on the rear of his head.

While he’s content with the craftsmanship he’s had up until now, the 39-year-old has taken a stand in opposition to life as a solitary man, hammering “shallow” ladies who either reject or fetishise his strange style.

Addressing the Daily Star, the Brummie stated:

I have a functioning public activity. However, I haven’t had a lot of karma discovering love.

A great deal of ladies are put off by my tattoos or it makes them truly inquisitive. I’m somewhat similar to Marmite so you either like them or you don’t.

I’ve had around 15 to 20 connections in my day to day existence and have certainly got more consideration since I got my tattoos.

However, since my last relationship finished two years prior I haven’t had anything genuine.

I’m almost 40 so I might want to settle down and have a family. And yet I comprehend that the manner in which I look may make an issue for certain individuals.

A ton of ladies are truly shallow and just go for folks with Love Island-type bodies. At that point I get other ladies who are simply inspired by me as a result of my tattoos.

Helpless person, seems as though he’s not been fortunate in adoration. Here’s a thought – perhaps he should hit up that lady who whipped out her Jezza tattoo before the (previous) TV show have himself. That is in any event one thing they have in like manner as of now.

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