Bride Goes On Solo Photoshoot After Groom Cancels Wedding Last Minute

This present lady’s ex dropped their solemnisation three weeks before it should occur.

Shasha is a 37-year-old Singaporean lady who gave a shot an application called Muzmatch which is a Muslim dating application in 2017/2018.

There, she discovered her now ex and in a split second hit it off with him. She felt like they were viable and in August 2020, he proposed to her and they got ready for marriage.

Notwithstanding, three weeks before the wedding, Shasha’s ex dropped off the solemnisation. As the date was drawing closer, the ex and his family didn’t speak with Shasha by any stretch of the imagination. Shasha then “acknowledged it as the real world”, as per a meeting she did with Muzmatch.

Rather than lamenting and releasing every one of her endeavors to squander, Shasha fashioned on and did a staggeringly enabling and classy photoshoot with lightviewsg.

Her story and photoshoot have circulated around the web with 1.7k offers and have evoked many empowering words from netizens.

“You are a brave lady and the best is yet to come. You just merit the best!”

“What staggeringly astonishing strength! So glad for you that you fashioned on!”

“Shasha, you are a motivation. Sending you love and light.”

In the wake of hearing her story and taking a gander at the photographs, we feel altogether motivated by Shasha’s solidarity, strength and mental fortitude. We trust that this story will assist the individuals who with having been in comparable shoes discover harmony.

“Figuring out how to cherish yourself, it is the best love of all,” – Whitney Houston

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