Brazilian Gang Leader Dresses Up As His Daughter In Botched Prison Escape

Throughout the long term, detainees over the world have thought of imaginative plans to endeavor to break out of jail, some of them great, some of them terrible, some of them out and out silly. This certainly falls into the last camp.

Brazil gang leader dresses up as daughter in failed jail escape attempt |  KSNF/KODE - FourStatesHomepage.com

This weekend, Rio de Janeiro-based medication dealer Clauvino da Silva endeavored to break liberated from the city’s most scandalous jail camouflaged as his little girl.

Wearing a pink shirt, pants, a hairpiece, a bra and a veil that seems as though it was taken off the arrangement of White Chicks, Clauvino intensely attempted to pass prison entrance officials by mentioning his kid little girl’s ID card.

Brazil gang leader dresses up as daughter in jail escape bid | Taiwan News  | 2019/08/05

Yet, let’s be honest, that mask is tricking NO ONE.

Decent attempt mate.

Obviously the detainee is carrying out a 73-year punishment for his work with the Red Command drug group. Luckily for him, his break-out endeavor hasn’t added any years onto his sentence as it didn’t include viciousness. The jail monitors presumably felt frustrated about him.

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