Boyfriend Runs Away After Bridesmaid Girlfriend Catches The Bouquet

It’s a custom that implies the fortunate individual getting the bouquet at a wedding will be close to wed – which bodes well why so numerous reluctant beau’s attempt to do a sprinter.

The funny video was taken of Nathan Jordan running for the slopes when his better half, Haley Marie Skipworth, 20, gotten the botanical showcase which frightened her fella into getting his vehicle and making a run for it.

The video was recorded at a wedding in Millbrook, Alabama on 14 September and has been seen 11 million times on Facebook. It shows Haley excitedly grabbing the bouquet, and normally everybody goes to see her accomplice.

Minutes after the fact the consideration goes to Nathan who is running for his vehicle – bouncing over a fence as he goes. Nathan opens his vehicle in record time, heaps in and drives away.

Haley stated: “My beau and I went to our closest companion’s wedding. At the point when it came time for the bouquet throw, I was up front prepared to get the bouquet.

“At the point when my beau, Nathan, saw that I did actually get it, he chose to make a run for it, bouncing over each snag in his direction and leaving only residue as he sped not far off.

“Some state he ran out of there as quick as he could in light of the fact that he wasn’t prepared to get married. Others state he hurried to purchase a ring.

“In all actuality, he returned immediately. We have been dating for a very long time and plan to get hitched after school.”

Posting the recording on Facebook on 14 September, Haley subtitled the video: “Consistently the bridesmaid, never the bride…. swipe to perceive any reason why.” Yep, we can perceive any reason why.

The post has gotten 1,500 responses and 53,000 offers. One individual remarked: “That was the most entertaining thing I ever observed!”

Another visitor stated: “I simply wish the video was stretched out to see him strip out leaving only residue in the breeze! Such an amusing second!”

A third stated: “This is the best thing ever,” with another adding: “We as a whole realize he will return instantly.”

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