Bouncer Slaps Dude Into Another Dimension After He Wouldn’t Stop Touching Him

At the point when you’re a tanked, thin, 5 foot nothing partygoer attempting to press the catches of a dance club bouncer multiple times your size it’s simply ever going to end one way, as this helpless person over in Spain discovered as of late.

The bouncer at first lets it slide when the child grabs his titty, however when he fires attempting to crush on him – it’s lights out:

Welp, you can’t state he didn’t caution him.

On the other hand we should likely give the person a little room to breath – he’s unmistakably off his face and will have no memory of the occurrence when he awakens from his trance like state in the first part of the day. You’d figure the bouncer may have somewhat more thought for a little man who can’t hold his alcohol yet obviously not. Everybody has their cutoff points I assume.

Incredible remark under the video on Twitter:

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