Bizarre moment naked woman gets out of a car and casually walks into a petrol station to buy a beer

The unusual scenes were caught by CCTV and presented on an online media network page situated in the south-western city of Krasnodar.

The lady, wearing just a couple of high heels, is assisted of a white 4WD stopped outside by a male buddy.

The pair have a visit by the vehicle before the bare lady strolls into the shop, trailed by the man, who gives off an impression of being recording her on his cell phone.

The blonde lady moves toward the counter in her birthday suit holding the container of brew.

The clerk doesn’t appear staged.

He serves his naked client serenely, who at that point leaves the shop followed by her male partner.

It is muddled why the lady was stripped, albeit some online clients figured she had lost a wager.

One analyst said they couldn’t stand by to see the video the person was recording.

Bareness is now and again used to say something in Russia.

One gathering arranged a stripped dissent on the side of Harvey Weinstein in November a year ago.

At different occasions it’s essentially accomplished for stun esteem.

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