Aunt & Nephew Accused Of Incestuous Relationship; Forced To Bathe Publicly

An auntie and her nephew had to strip bare and wash openly to offer some kind of reparation for their supposed issue.

Around 400 local people joined in and looked as the pair were being mortified in the town of Sola, in Sikar, Rajasthan. They were condemned by a gathering of senior townspeople, known as Khap Panchayat.

A video on YouTube posted by JP Today News shows the Khap Panchayat making the judgment. The brutal discipline exacted was accounted for to “clean” the pair. Fines were additionally forced to the two sides of the family.

The Khap requested the nephew’s family to pay a fine of Rs.31,000 (RM1753), while the aunt’s family members were advised to hand over Rs.22,000 (RM1244), the New Indian Express reports. The occurrence occurred on 21st August after the casualties’ families allegedly consented to the discipline so as to try not to become untouchables to the town.

Rakesh Kumar, General Secretary of the All Rajasthan Sansi Development Council, said “If the groups of the couple had not consented to wash them freely, they would have been made oddballs. Their families would not have been called to any social capacities and in the event that someone had set out to welcome them, that family also would have been made outsiders.”

The nearby police are at present assembling explanations, including recordings and photographs of the episode, as a component of a progressing examination. They have captured 9 speculates identified with the uncouth discipline starting at now.

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