Anthony Bourdain Reveals His Secret To Making Perfect Scrambled Eggs Every Time

Here’s the astonishing secret to making amazing fried eggs, as indicated by the culinary expert and TV personality Anthony Bourdain.

Eggs are an immortal breakfast top pick. But, getting a perfect omelet or preparing the ideal fried eggs isn’t pretty much as simple as most might suspect.

While a few people may believe that having an ideal ‘formula’ for making the ideal fried eggs sounds ‘silly,’ Tony said there’s a method to make fried eggs that is superior to other people.

The previous chef and TV personality have ventured to the far corners of the planet as the host of CNN’s Parts Unknown.

With his experience, he already examined a lot of eggs and realized the one mistake even the most experienced gourmet experts make.

anthony bourdain reveals his secret to making perfect scrambled eggs every time

In a meeting with Tech Insider, he left us the full bit-by-bit guide on how to prepare the ideal fried eggs.

He additionally stated a couple of normal mistakes everybody makes.

For example, numerous individuals ‘overcomplicate’ the dish by adding milk or cream. Bourdain’s formula does exclude these add-ons since he accepts ‘a scrambled egg is about the egg.’


1 new egg




Step by Step Instructions

Stage 1

Warmth up your container with butter, so the eggs don’t stick. The pan shouldn’t be excessively hot, however, you’ll likely overcooking your eggs.

Stage 2

Break your eggs on a smooth surface, and afterward empty them into a bowl. By doing this, you can be 100% certain there are no pieces of eggshells in your mix.

Stage 3

Beat your eggs tenderly with a fork however be mindful so as not to overbeat it.

Bourdain clarified:

“You do wanna, sort of, have a ripple of white and yellow throughout. You also just don’t wanna make it complete, sort of, homogenous yellow.”

Additionally, you need to beat the egg just prior to placing it in the container. That way, the egg remains new, and they don’t sit.

Stage 4

Add pepper and salt as you would prefer, yet no other flavors.

One of Bourdain’s mysteries is to not add cream, milk, or whatever every other person adds.

Stage 5

Quickly empty your mixture into the hot container.

Wait until the eggs bubble up and afterward mix with a fork in a figure-8 example to overlap them into huge, fluffy hills.

Stage 6

At long last, serve and appreciate.

Bourdain likewise noticed that your eventual outcome ought to be ‘something cushioned, airy, undulated with a decent textural note.’

However, remember, making the ideal fried eggs takes practice. Indeed, even Bourdain clarified it required some time prior to getting the hang of it.

He said:

“Very, very simple dish. But like a lot of really good simple things, more often than not, people find a way to screw them up.”

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