Anthony Bourdain Ate ‘The Perfect Food’ On The Final Episode Of ‘Parts Unknown’

Death is so extreme, merciless, and unfathomable, especially when it’s suicide and the explanation the world loses a cherished and apparently brilliant soul like Anthony Bourdain. Consequently, we would like to dig in the chef’s last days to attempt to figure out what occurred.

After all, we have seen numerous individuals perform their best not long prior to leaving this world.

Heath Ledger’s performance in the Dark Knight is as yet recalled with deference and appreciation today. Kurt Cobain’s presentation from MTV’s Unplugged recorded before his passing is as yet a rousing work of art today.

So, we have investigated the last days stretches of celebrities before. That assists us with understanding and accepting their death.

How it becomes different with Tony?

Bourdain’s Last Assignment

On account of Anthony Bourdain, the emphasis is on his last scene of Parts Unknown. What does the last scene put out by the witty legend need to say about his last days?

CNN declared that it would not air the scene Bourdain passed on when recording. Rather they decided to show the scene of the chef travelling in New York, his local home:

The final original episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown will be the Lower East Side, airing on November 11, 2018. After Anthony Bourdain’s tragic passing on June 8, it was determined by CNN and the series’ production company Zero Point Zero, that we would honor the work with a final season.

anthony bourdain ate ‘the perfect food’ on the final episode of ‘parts unknown’

In this baffling last scene, Bourdain claims that it’s anything but “a very special place.”

A very special time. And some very special people. So much happened—so much began—on New York’s Lower East Side… the Lower East Side was in many ways the cradle of New York. Where new arrivals settled, built communities, and moved on, only to be replaced by others.

The Strange Meeting With An Old Friend

In the last scene, he met with well-known individuals including Joe Coleman, Harley Flanagan, and even vocalist Debbie Harry.

However, it was the get-together with his companion John Lurie that felt awkward in consideration of Bourdain ending his own life.

His companion is serving him a straightforward dish: hardboiled eggs.

In any case, his response was extremely special and astonishing. The old mates talked about “companions who didn’t make it.”


anthony bourdain ate ‘the perfect food’ on the final episode of ‘parts unknown’

Towards the last scene, Bourdain thanks his companion for the eggs, which he portrays as the “perfect food.”

Then, at that point he spoke somewhat about his battle with addiction: “I came for heroin, and I came for the music.

That was how by which Bourdain’s last scene went down, and it’s anything but a montage whose ambient sound was You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory by Johnny Thunders.

I don’t have the foggiest idea what you think about this, yet in the event that it assists you with figuring out Bourdain’s last minutes, good for you. Life is a delightful secret, and passing is an upsetting secret that will consistently leave us with numerous unanswered inquiries.

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