Anthony Bourdain Approached His Watch Collection As He Did His Food

The late Anthony Bourdain has expanded his love for food to watches as well. As far as he might be concerned, nothing used to beat the classic.

A Chef With The Life Of A Rockstar

The chef and TV character became renowned on account of the book Kitchen Confidential. There, he uncovered spicey insights regarding his life, downright that of a rockstar.

Aside from the stories of his sexual experiences and evenings on drugs, he shared some good tips for foodies. Try not to order fish in restaurants on Mondays, for instance, since it will soon be old and stale.

Sometime down the road, Bourdain turned more philosophical and shared profound understanding on mankind, while venturing to the far corners of the planet and getting a fill of exotic food. Among the most strange things he tasted are the poisonous snake and the raw eye of a seal.

His show, Parts Unknown, was a major achievement. He was so big, he even ate with previous President Obama in Hanoi.

Anthony Bourdain And His Watches

Oftentimes Bourdain wore his dad’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual, dating to the 1960s. Apart from the family memory, this watch had a say about the wearer’s character.

Broadly, the chef was not a fanatic of excessively complicated dishes made for the élites. He liked the straightforwardness, the simple yet rich taste of the classic form of a dish.

The Rolex he wore is like your top choice, traditional family formula. It is immortal, anybody can appreciate it and, even in fifty years, it is going to be awesome.

anthony bourdain approached his watch collection as he did his food

Past The Status Symbol

Anthony Bourdain was not one for flaunting a cheap watch, very much like he was not one for snooty haute food. He searched for importance and a more profound connection with the worth of things.

His watch collection reflected maybe his fascination in time elapsing and what it means for all things and their links. It includes a Panerai Radiomir, various Rolexes, and a Patek Philippe Calatrava.

His numerous interesting life experiences showed Anthony Bourdain that there is something else under the surface the eye. The food we eat and the watch we wear can be an impression of ourselves and our reality.

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