Amber Heard Claims These Photos Prove Johnny Depp Has Been Battering Her For Years

Like I said recently, it wasn’t well before the following shots were discharged in the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp clusterfuck of a separation since today Amber has shared some more photos of her supposed homegrown maltreatment because of Depp. Clearly she offered them to People magazine and didn’t simply put them on the web, since she’s presumably going to be somewhat hard up for money when she’s gotten half of Depp’s $470million fortune.

The photos Amber delivered seem, by all accounts, to be distinctive to the ones she was brandishing last Friday when she showed up in court requesting a controlling request after he purportedly smacked her in the face with an iPhone. She’s asserting that she’s languished homegrown maltreatment over years and these photos are from a few episodes throughout the span of the marriage between the two, including one ‘genuine occurrence where she dreaded for her life as Depp choked out her with a cushion’.

Court sees photos of Amber Heard's bruised face
Amber Heard Domestic Abuse 3

Better believe it that certainly doesn’t look so useful for Heard and something was unquestionably going on (or she has a great make up craftsman) yet the entire circumstance is so bizarre with the two sides of the contention and their companions swimming in (a portion of Depp’s have even opened up to the world saying that she’s coercing him for $235million), I’m not generally sure we can make certain of anything now. I mean Depp’s protection attorney has enduringly blamed Heard for ‘endeavoring to make sure about an untimely monetary goal by claiming misuse’ which isn’t generally something you can say carelessly and hints that there will be a tremendous clash/fight in court between the pair for certain years to come.

Everything I can say is that I don’t have the foggiest idea whether Amber Heard was manhandled by Johnny Depp or not (and I trust she wasn’t and didn’t need to experience that), however whatever happened it seems like sort of a rough move to offer pictures of it to a VIP tattle magazine. Better believe it, it may turn general sentiment against Depp yet it won’t make you look too great by the same token. You should simply stand by until you appear in court and drop that reality bomb – it would have been far more viable.

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