Adult Entertainer Ivy Lebelle Says She Has Fetish For Guys Who Don’t Wear Deodorant

You’d figure individual cleanliness would be pretty essential to a pornography star, however it appears to be that is not generally the situation.

In a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA), Ivy Lebelle was asked what her ‘most loved individual obsession’ is, and she answered: “I like stench. On the off chance that I am pulled in to somebody, at that point I don’t need them to wear antiperspirant.”

That is not all she’s into however.

She added: “So right now I have this ‘insane’ reproducing interest! Guys coming within you to get you pregnant. I don’t really need kids, however I love the interest! It’s so hot!”

Intriguing stuff undoubtedly, yet it merits calling attention to that having BO and getting somebody pregnant during sex is commonly observed as somewhat of a socially awkward act, so don’t go tossing your Old Spice/Durex out presently.

As will in general be the path with Reddit AMAs, there were a lot all the more stimulating disclosures in transit – fairly typically, given the inquiries were being posed by individuals with usernames, for example, ‘FeistySquirrel01’, ‘IsThisFappening’ and ‘TheSpermWhoWon’.

At the point when gotten some information about her number one scenes she’s shot, she stated: “I simply love doing gonzo scenes. I feel the most blazing and hottest in the neon porno look. It is only an outrageous adaptation of featuring a ladies’ highlights. The scenes are so fun since you simply will give up.”

She likewise uncovered that she enjoys watching ‘magnificence opening scenes’ and ‘once in a while an easygoing gangbang’ after she was gotten some information about how frequently she jerks off.

Considering how she got into the business, she stated: “I had consistently been truly inquisitive about it, since I was a young person. I had a more seasoned beau and he had every one of these magazines on the rear of his latrine. I appreciated taking a gander at them and I needed to have that impact on individuals. The serious female goddess energy.

“I began moving as a side hustle and I was a make-up craftsman. I took a break and attempted a couple of different professions. I included a few associations inside the business since I dated individuals in the business and afterward I connected and recorded my first scene!”

Also, on a totally inconsequential note, her number one entertainer is Brad Pitt, her #1 show as a youngster was My Little Pony and her #1 sort of bean is the garbanzo bean, which I’ve simply learnt is a chickpea.

Old fashioned Reddit AMAs.

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