A Woman Wearing A ‘Stop Domestic Violence’ T-Shirt Was Arrested For Domestic Violence

Over in Maine, a 38 year elderly person named Emily Wilson has been charged for taking shots at her significant other after the two had a contention.

The story is amusing and significant however on the grounds that she was wearing a shirt saying ‘stop aggressive behavior at home’, while presumably partaking in what must be depicted as the absolute most genuine abusive behavior at home that there can be. Wilson was set up for the police headquarters wearing the shirt, which you can plainly find in the mug shot gave beneath:

Stop Domestic Violence

She had got into a contention with her significant other over his supposed disloyalty and it was at some point during this that she snatched a .45 type gun and discharged it into the bed that the two shared. The spouse wasn’t do any harm yet he was adequately frightened to call the police and they appeared and captured Emily.

She’s presently confronting a long term jail sentence notwithstanding a few fines. It may sound unforgiving, yet I assume on the off chance that you need to stop aggressive behavior at home, at that point you need to ensure the discipline fits the wrongdoing, and I’m certain Emily would completely back that given her conventional position regarding the matter.

Stop Domestic Violence
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