A Student Ate Free KFC For A Year By Pretending To Be From Head Office Quality Control

Several individuals would like to get free food, particularly during the hard college days while managing the cost of a fair dinner can be quite difficult. However, there is a person who went excessively far just to get some free food from KFC.

The South African man, 27, was placed in jail while still a student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal after his wrongdoing was found.

Actually, his actions are very striking and impressive, however, his intricate trick left several people looking like idiots.

This man was blatantly stealing from the establishment.

During the stealing, the man would appear arriving at KFCs in a suit. He arrives in a limousine and announces on everybody he was from the KFC head office and was doing an audit that would include testing the food.

No one wants to get the man from KFC angry so everyone would act on his side. The limousine he used was driven by his friend, who was driving these vehicles as his work.

He was so persuading on the grounds that he was so confident. The man also knew how KFCs work, which is the reason everybody was fooled into accepting he was who he said he was.

Over the long run, workers at various KFC branches began remembering him as the man from the KFC head office.

His visits included him inspecting the kitchen and checking everything. He would then take notes before requesting tests of whatever he liked.

An anonymous worker presumes that the man had recently worked for KFC because of the amount he knew about its activities.

a student ate free kfc for a year by pretending to be from head office quality control

This Is Quite Impressive

Even this man got captured, and deservedly so, what he accomplished is very impressive. Scamming that too many workers isn’t a joke, particularly thinking about how long he pulled off his trick.

However, this story also questions exactly how much this man cherished KFC food. why would he zero in on KFC and not do the same with other fast food businesses?

Possibly he didn’t know as much about how other food outlets worked. Notwithstanding, a man of such creativity could likely pull off misleading more than one establishment.

Along these lines, odds are that he cherishes KFC chicken to an extreme.

It’s fascinating to envision that so many workers would accept that somebody from the head office would haphazardly appear in a limo and request samples of their food.

Why didn’t anybody attempt to do any follow-up on these audits?

Regardless, who might drive in limos just to do checking at normal KFC branches.

Apparently this man had unnatural charisma, which is the reason he pulled off his trick on several times for an entire year.

After the story became famous online, many are claiming that the man was a “legend.”

However, his day has at last come and now, he needs to pay for the wrongdoings he committed.

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