A Restaurant Hostess Called Out A Bunch Of Celebs On TikTok For Being Rude To Her, And Hailey Bieber Responded

“Ideally we meet again so I can apologize face to face.”

This week, TikTok client @juliacarolann posted a two-section video to the stage named, “Rating superstars I met while functioning as a master in an extravagant Manhattan café.” Her callout went enormously popular, with the primary video in her arrangement hoarding 13 million perspectives in only a couple days.

Some celebs scored well in the recordings — for instance, the Hadid sisters got a 10/10 for their graciousness to waitstaff.

Screenshot of the TikToker praising the Hadid sisters

Be that as it may, different stars got some incredibly low evaluations. Kylie Jenner got a 2/10 for supposedly tipping only $20 on a $500 request. Furthermore, Cameron Dallas got a 4/10 since he apparently “sort of pulled a ‘do you know who I am?’ second” when attempting to book a table.

Screenshot of the TikToker calling out Kylie Jenner

Also, when it came time to rate Hailey Bieber, Julia gave her a 3.5/10.

Screenshot of the TikToker calling out Hailey Bieber

“This is going to be disputable,” Julia says in her TikTok. “I’ve met her a modest bunch of times and she was not pleasant. I truly need to like her yet I give her, similar to, a 3.5 out of 10. Sorry.”

Her comments stood out enough to be noticed of Hailey herself, who appeared in the remarks of the video to apologize. In one remark, she composed that she was “so grieved in the event that I’ve at any point given you terrible vibes or an awful demeanor”:

Screenshot of Hailey Bieber apologizing

Also, in a resulting remark, she expressed gratitude toward Julia for getting down on her, and said she trusts they can meet again sometime in the future “so I can apologize face to face”:

Screenshot of Hailey Bieber apologizing

Julia answered to Hailey’s remarks, considering her an “accountability queen,” and expressing gratitude toward her for the conciliatory sentiment:

Screenshot of the TikToker forgiving her

The other celebs referenced in her callout arrangement still can’t seem to react.

Screenshot of the TikTok

You can watch Julia’s TikToks (parts one and two) beneath — where she likewise scores stars like Beyoncé, Nick Jonas, and Kendall Jenner:


Ask and you shall receive…PART 2‼️ (a friendly reminder that these are just my personal experiences, no hate xo) #manhattan #celebrity #fyp

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