A Guy Got So Drunk He Took A Shit On The Platform Of The London Tube

Everybody has those occasions when they get excessively squandered and accomplish something that they may lament, however it’s uncommon that you wind up accomplishing something so rank and dreadful that it turns into an overnight popular sensation.

This happened to one man throughout the end of the week in London however who reveled in whatever he was participating in and wound up pulling his jeans down while sitting tight for the cylinder and letting out a piece of poop in that general area and afterward on the stage. To exacerbate the situation, he at that point just stayed there with his jeans down and passed out while everybody tagged along and took pictures and recordings of him:

Man you’ve gotta feel humiliated for that person haven’t you? Yet, I assume and indeed you should have the option to know your cutoff points on a night out and not wind up crapping yourself on a train stage all alone and adequately dropping in it. Simply saying.

No thought what befallen the man except for in any event in the video somebody has put a coat over him and helped him out a piece so everybody wasn’t simply snickering at him. Expectation he’s OK and not interminably humiliated about this recording, albeit I can’t generally say how that couldn’t be the situation however. I speculation you can’t generally observe his face so there’s that – fingers cross for the person.

r/london - A friend of mine visited London and he took this yesterday. NSFW
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