A Group Of Furries Battered A Man Who Was Abusing His Girlfriend Outside Furry Convention

If you somehow managed to picture a gathering of individuals playing out a resident’s capture on somebody and saving a lady from getting whipped by her injurious beau in the road, you likely wouldn’t envision them dressed as monster pink dinosaurs or My Little Ponies.


Well that was actually the situation outside FurCon in California this week, after a lot of furries timed a man ‘moaning’ on his better half inside a vehicle.

The gathering jumped vigorously, hauling the man out of the vehicle and beating him until police showed up:

What a scene. What’s more, what a great end of the week these furries more likely than not had! Envision saving a lady from aggressive behavior at home and afterward celebrating at FurCon 2020 for the rest of the evening:


That is two dreams lived out in one night for these textured legends. They’re likely unendurable weirdos IRL yet on this night in any event they are total legends – reasonable play.

Here’s the person they battered – 22-year-old Demetri Hardnett was captured and accused of aggressive behavior at home:

Pretty humiliating night for him for what it’s worth – one second you’re thrashing your sweetheart in the vehicle, the following you’re face-down on the asphalt getting the poo kicked out of you by a group of furries. Unfortunate.

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