A Cargo Ship Captain Got Drunk And Drove His Ship Into A Bridge

With regards to becoming inebriated, the vast majority of us realize that on the off chance that we’re going to get shitfaced, at that point we certainly shouldn’t get in the driver’s seat of any vehicle and endeavoring to drive it, yet evidently over in Korea not every person knows about this.

Massive Russian Cargo Ship With a Drunk Captain Plows Right Into Korean  Bridge

To exacerbate the situation, the person in this story isn’t in any event, driving a vehicle however a humongous load transport. For reasons unknown when you watch the video underneath the boat keeps crawling up towards the scaffold gradually and you feel that somebody’s going to understand their misstep and turn it around yet no, it just continues edging towards it gradually until they impact and the boat winds up getting pulverized. It’s really ludicrous.

Drunk captain crashes a Russian cargo ship into a bridge in Busan - Dimsum  Daily

I mean this is simply totally ludicrous truly right? Truly moronic that this was permitted to occur.

Clearly the most extreme blood liquor limit for freight transport administrators is 0.03 percent, yet the chief was tried and blew a 0.086 percent, which isn’t so hot right? It’s not known whether he was really in the driver’s seat of the boat when the accident occurred or the specific conditions of it, yet one thing’s fro certain and that is that he’s most likely going to lose his employment. Unfortunate buddy, however perhaps look where you’re going next time.

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