8 Dangerous Places For Single Man Traveller In Thailand

Any smart traveler would do a research prior to traveling to an unfamiliar place. Commonly, this research is intended to educate you regarding the best tourist spots in your chosen location. Nonetheless, any great travel plan ought to also check for places you need to stay away from.

As an unfamiliar man travelling to Thailand, you need a heads up of what’s in store on your journey. You should be refreshed about, not just the good, but the bad as well. Regardless of whether you’re there looking for Asian or Russian wives, a relaxed excursion, or a work visit in any case, you need to know where to visit and where you ought to presumably keep away from.

Thailand by and large has a lot of wonderful destinations. It is a fascinating country which is wealthy in culture. However, in the event that you are a going on your own in Thailand, you might need to stay away from:


Patpong in Bangkok - Thailand Travel Information

Individuals can’t help thinking about why Bangkok has a shady reputation, and Patpong just adds to it. It is a road loaded up with low neon lights, inadequately dressed and unclad workers, and a ton of scammers. There are a couple of stores here, yet it is smarter to go to spend your cash in the city than here. There is no assurance of your safety in any event, discovering great Asian spouses (if that is the thing that you’re into). Visiting Patpong is a waste of time and money.

Nana Plaza

Video: Walking on Soi 4 - Nana Plaza | Bangkok Punters

Nana Plaza is a three-story complex with a lot of exotic dancers, bar girls, and women of the evening. In case you are the sort of individual who seeks these things, it is the primary spot to visit on your itinerary. But if it’s not, you should stay away from this place for there will undoubtedly be aggressive local people around.

Grand Palace

Grand Palace of Thailand Historical Facts and Pictures ...

The Grand Palace is an astonishing spot, but since of it’s famous, it is difficult to enjoy its magnificence and excellence. Why? It is because there are too many touring explorers there, and there will undoubtedly be a great deal of pushing, hustling, and robbery/pickpocketing. Rather than exposing yourself to this, you can go to a calm temple. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the Grand Palace sanctuary from afar without battling for space.

Khlong Toei

Khlong Toei Market in Khlong Toei District, Bangkok ...

Khlong Toei is a busy market, yet it is situated in an area that is best stayed away from. This area is a huge slum, and the greater part of its occupants are into drugs, like, “ya ba”. Even native cab drivers don’t take this route once it’s dim. This means how dangerous it is at odd hours, so you ought to try not to go to this area.

Tailors And Gems Shops

Buddy Tailor: Bangkok Shopping Review - 10Best Experts and ...

While there are good tailors in Thailand, there are others who will either take your cash and not deliver or deliver but not exactly the quality they guaranteed. The same goes for gem shops. They reveal to you that the gems are worth such a great amount in your country however, it isn’t really the situation. Rather than putting yourself in danger of being misled, it is ideal to keep away from shops that have tailors and gem dealers in Thailand.

Tourism Authority Of Thailand (TAT) Shop

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is a government association with no actual retail location. However, you will see local people urging you to visit their TAT stores and selling you tickets to access cheap attractions. You ought to stay away from these stores on the grounds that the tickets sold there are either fake or more costly than what it should be. To try not to get ripped off, do your research first prior to travelling.


Phuket begins a 'smart bus' airport service to 50 tourist ...

Phuket was once lovely heaven, however, it has been widely urbanized and presently has a ton of dangerous corners and rear entryways. In case you are searching for a spot to have some good times and meet Asian ladies for marriage, this isn’t the spot for you. You are probably going to get robbed or cheated if you’re not cautious. Notwithstanding, if you love unreasonable partying, a ton of shopping, and sex tourism, you can look at Phuket.


Things to do in Pattaya, Thailand: A three-minute guide ...

Pattaya is a major hub of sex tourism in Thailand. Like other areas, Pattaya has a dark side too. Here, it’s normal to see a 60-year-elderly person strolling, with a 12-year-old young lady or kid on the sea shore. Pedophilia and young prostitution are rampant in Pattaya, and prostitutes are rarely far away. Violence against clueless outsiders is likewise common as they are viewed as great prey for robbing and badgering.


Thailand is a wonderful Asian country with a charming society and wonderful individuals. In any case that you are in the country looking for Asian ladies for marriage or simply need to have the best Thailand experience, then, at that point stay away from the urban areas listed previously. This is a result of the great paces of sexual debasement, violence, and the inclination for local people to target travelers. There are other cooler spots in Thailand to invest your energy and cash.

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