500-Pound Male Fighter Gets Destroyed By 140-Pound Female Fighter With Fists Of Steel

We’re in Russia for this one as MMA warrior Darina Madzyuk faces Grigory Chistyakov in a monstrosity show battle for the ages.

An authorized battle between a man and a lady is continually going to court discussion, yet significantly more so when the female loads 139-lbs and her adversary is a major, fat 529-lbs mastodon. That is an almost 400-lbs weight (dis)advantage!

Unfathomable. What method from the champ! At the point when you’re a thin, red-headed female battling a Yokozuna-esque beast in an enclosure, you must let the greasy get knackered out. Whenever you’ve caused him to apply a little energy, it’s finished. You hang tight for him to wind up on his stomach like some sort of stranded MMA whale and afterward bounce on top of him and crush his head in. Much the same as Darina did in this battle!

Regardless, great exertion by Grigory Chistyakov. In the event that one of those out of shape arms had associated he may have really won this one. On the in addition to side this is presumably the most a lady has ever contacted him in his life. Most likely the main time a lady will lay on top of him as well. Fortunately he had the ideal spot to shroud his oopsy-daisy.

Here’s the manner by which the battle played out:

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