5* Hotel Clerk Fired After Guests Recognize Her From Only fans

Social media has taken the world by storm and the latest trend without a doubt is Onlyfans. Since its launch in 2016, OnlyFans has enjoyed incredible growth and popularity.

One of the creators who signed up for Onlyfans is 23 years old Ellla Rose. She worked as a receptionist at the Mariott hotel and decided to start Onlyfans account to save some money for her studies.


Ellla quickly gained a large following by offering fans to see her taking off clothes and as she puts it “making my supporters happy in the DM’s”. She is now one of Onlyfans TOP 5% creators.

Several months in she had gained so much popularity that some people started recognizing her on the street.


It felt amazing. I was making my supporters happy in DM’s and my account exploded. More and more people would support me and I was focusing on creating the best content I can for them.

-Ellla Rose

I went all in. If my followers wanted to see something HOT, I would film them something dirty before heading out to my job. After some time I started filming content even during my lunch break. That was hard, but people really enjoyed it, so I had to go on.

-Ellla Rose

One day a group of male tourists showed up in the hotel. I helped them to check in and escorted them to their room. In the elevator, I noticed two of the guests are really nervous and constantly looking at me, but they didn’t say a thing.

After this things got weird..


Couple weeks later, I was asked to meet my supervisor to discuss an urgent matter..

He told me that some of the guests were asking about me. At the time I did not realize these were the guests from elevator.


My supervisor explained that these guests follow me on social media and they have reached out to some of our staff members to figure out if I really am the same person.

Ellla’s co-workers wanted to see why she is so recognizable and were astonished after checking her Instagram account. Quickly they found a reference to Onlyfans and signed up to her fan page. In a few weeks all of her male co-workers were following her on Onlyfans.

My supervisor was also following me on Onlyfans. He took his phone, opened my profile and there I saw all my dirty pics and videos.. He explained that even though he supports me, I won’t be able to continue my career at this hotel.

Ellla got fired from her job and while it was devastating, now she had more free time to focus on her social media career.

My supporters helped me along the way. I really love all my fans and I try to make them as happy as I can. For this they give me a lot of love in return. While it was sad to get fired, I have more time to work on my content and it seems to be working out great for everyone.


Hotel declined to comment on the incident.

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