44-Year-Old Mom Says She’s Still Single Because She’s ‘Too Young And Beautiful’ For Men Her Age

A 44-year-old mother of four says that there’s a basic clarification for why she’s actually single: she’s essentially “excessively youthful and excellent” for men her own age. She professes to have a lovely long rundown of admirers and stands out enough to be noticed for her magnificence that she can scarcely work. While some should seriously mull over this something to be thankful for, for Dawn Cousins, it’s a “bad dream” since she’s after affection, not desire.

In a meeting with The Sun, Dawn said that she’s searching no doubt, enduring affection, however it’s been difficult to track down because of her magnificence. “The thing is I look a large portion of my age and I have men slobbering throughout me constantly, matured from 18 to antiquated,” she clarified. “I some of the time wish I didn’t look so great, at that point I may pull in the correct sort of man I could consume my time on earth with.”

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Perhaps the most baffling things about the consideration Dawn gets, she says, is that her character is regularly ignored. “I appear to get the ones who are simply after looks and not character; those sorts are not the sort of individual you need to go through your days with,” she said. “Folks more than 40 are generally gaining weight and the ladies have a ton of wrinkles. I haven’t got any. I’m not in a similar section as them. I need to discover my knight in sparkling shield – or if nothing else a man who isn’t so fat he could fit it.”

First light has 17-year-old twins and girls who are 22 and 20. Notwithstanding, you wouldn’t know it from taking a gander at her. Truth be told, she’s regularly confused with her little girls’ sister when they’re out together. “It is complimenting. My little girls have revealed to me I was unable to go clubbing with them however, as I’d get eaten alive,” she conceded. “On the off chance that they see a youthful person moving toward me they’ll rapidly slip the word ‘mum’ into the discussion to clarify who I am, to attempt to stop any abnormal discussions, yet it doesn’t generally occur.”

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“My girl’s companions even hit on me; some of them give it a shot with me since they believe I’m a sister and some extravagant me,” Dawn gloated. “In the event that they go onto me I simply dismiss it, I don’t make a major thing of it. I like more youthful men however I would adhere to a meaningful boundary at their mates, it would be excessively abnormal. Here and there my girls will their mates extravagant me not them, and that is somewhat weird I surmise I’m a MILF!”

While Dawn could probably locate a decent person in his 40s to go out with, she wouldn’t be glad that way. “The folks were awful, and I look too great to even consider dating men in their 40s when I appear as though I’m in my 20s,” she said of the men on dating applications. “I can’t date a fat, ugly, old matured man when I look so youthful and delightful.” sufficiently fair, Dawn!

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