30 Very Odd Food Habits That Might Make Your Stomach Turn, Shared In This Viral Thread

Grilled cheese dipped in syrup, buttering pop-tarts, or eating up strawberries with stems actually connected to them may sound completely idiotic, however for certain individuals, it’s an entirely perfect way of eating food.

Nobody is resistant to peculiar eating habits, however, we are usually ignorant that we have them. So when Twitter client @kyry5 asked individuals “What’s a strange food habit you didn’t realize was bizarre until way later than you should have?” the tweet exploded with 11.7K likes, and the overwhelming responses that are more bewildering than the past one, came flooding in.

So we should see probably the most engaging and stomach-turning disclosures about food shared in the trend. Do you have a unique dietary pattern to share?




Bored Panda contacted the Twitter user Kyle who passes by the Twitter handle @kyry5. Kyle said he got the thought for the tweet while he was chatting with friends about how crazy his eating routine was the point at which I was more youthful. “I used to be on the chunkier side and was talking about how much junk I would eat (hot pockets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, toaster strudels for dessert) and how even the junk food was made junkier (enter, the buttered pop tarts!)

“That got us talking about other weird things we all used to eat, and I figured I’d take to Twitter and hear some others,” Kyle recounted and added that he was totally surprised that his thread blew up so much.




When inquired about his own food preference which is the buttered Pop-Tarts, Kyle guaranteed us that they’re absolutely scrumptious. “You toast the brown sugar cinnamon ones, take a knife and make a delicate slit down the middle (not enough to break it in half) so that the butter can soak in, and let a fat slab of butter melt on it,” he said. “I think I did it once in college and my friends thought it was wild and that’s when I realized the buttered pop tart was not a universal household staple,” Kyle added.

Regarding odd food preferences, Kyle said he adores these quirks. “I feel like they always arise so organically. Like I had no idea my food habit was bizarre, nor did my friend who dips hint of lime Tostitos into minced garlic in the jar

Once you share it with other folks and realize it’s a little odd, that’s when it gets fun! I think we should all be open to trying each other’s little food combos.




Eating odd food combos are the same old thing. Anyway who said you can’t have fish sticks with peanut butter? However, uncommon eating habits regularly get a lot odder than that. For instance, brumotactillophoba is a term for the fear of various food contacting one another, and shockingly, several individuals have it. Curiously, this food habit is seen by food psychologists as a remainder from eating habits when someone is still young.

There are likewise individuals who can be called delayed gratifiers as they will separate everything on their plate and put pieces in their mouth in certain arrangement. Typically, the ones that taste the best are left for the end. Another extremely normal dietary pattern is known as fork stacking, which is basically loading every piece with a touch of everything on it. As they eat, individuals focus on an ideal last forkful.






















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