11 Offensive AF ‘Friends’ Jokes You May Have Missed The First Time Around

Have you ever plunked down before the TV or PC, prepared for a wistfulness driven solace gorge of an old sitcom just to have your survey experience shocked by an unseemly joke? That happens a great deal with regards to all the hostile AF things said on Friends. While nobody is stating that the huge ’90s sitcom was great — close-looked at watchers have a ton of inquiries concerning certain plot focuses — it was likewise not actually very sensitive.

In spite of the fact that Matt LeBlanc as of late told the BBC that he accepts that Friends wasn’t hazardous and stands the trial of time, I don’t know the entertainer who played Joey is totally directly about this one. One second you’re viewing a silly contention between closest companions or kin on the sitcom, and abruptly you’re hit with a body-disgracing joke or some glaring homophobia. It didn’t stop there either — it fiddled with sexism and inequity in some lovely heartbreaking manners.

While I’m not saying it’s difficult to watch the arrangement and still appreciate it with a cutting edge reasonableness, you likely ought to be set up to recoil, in any event a couple of times, per season as you clear your path through the scenes on Netflix.

Here were probably the most hostile things said on Friends.


“Some young lady ate Monica”

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The first occasion when we get a look at “Fat Monica” is in Season 2 with “The One With the Prom Video.” The principal thing Joey said after seeing a youthful Monica was this joke that would establish the pace for all the body-disgracing jokes that would come after. Furthermore, there were a great deal of them.


“Absurdly Dull Bobby”

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In Season 2, Monica’s beau “Fun Bobby” goes through treatment for his liquor habit. After he stops drinking, the companions choose he’s no “better time,” with Chandler re-naming him “Incredibly Dull Bobby.” The possibility that somebody needs liquor to be a decent time sustains a destructive generalization and is profoundly obtuse toward the battles numerous drunkards go through in their excursion to balance.


“What are you discussing, one lady?! That resembles saying there is just one kind of frozen yogurt for you. … Welcome back to the world, snatch a spoon!”

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Joey’s “ladies resemble frozen yogurt” similarity in the principal scene focuses to a continuous issue with his womanizing character. Joey so frequently generalizes ladies as something to be acquired and it’s simply not adorable in the present society (and it wasn’t actually in those days, all things considered).


“How’s my kid doing a Barbie?”

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In Season 3’s “The One With the Metaphorical Tunnel,” Ross couldn’t deal with the possibility that his little child may incline toward playing with a Barbie rather than activity figures. His fixation on getting his kid to quit playing with a “young lady” toy fortified sexual orientation generalizations at an exceptionally youthful age.


“How goes the dancing?”

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Monica says this to Joey in the Season 4 scene “The One With the Ballroom Dancing.” Joey consents to assist the super with figuring out how to partner dance, and Monica’s suggestion that some way or another moving would change an individual’s sexual direction since it’s not “manly” is a homophobic joke premise.


“Envision yourself living in a store and you will comprehend.”

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Joey says this to his appealing flat mate Janine in Season 6 to clarify why he doesn’t figure both of them ought to have a tease. Not exclusively is he contrasting a lady with food (once more), yet he additionally doesn’t hear her out when she says that she’s not pulled in to him. He will not accept that she’s only not into him, which is a lovely gross perspective for a man to have.


“Don’t you have excessively much penis to wear a dress that way?”

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In spite of the fact that Chandler’s dad is never alluded to as transsexual in the arrangement (the term wasn’t as generally utilized in those days), his father (played by Kathleen Turner) functions as a drag entertainer and wants to present as female in the entirety of her appearances. Different characters unmistakably dismiss her sexual orientation inclinations and regularly don’t allude to her by her favored name Helena Handbasket. Chandler’s mother Nora says this to Helena at Chandler’s wedding in the Season 7 scene, “The One With Chandler and Monica’s Wedding.”


“So you’re simply, similar to, a person who’s a babysitter?”

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Ross can’t get his head around the possibility that a man can fill in as a youngster care supplier in the Season 9 scene “The One With the Male Nanny.” As if his thoughts of what comprises as ladies’ work versus men’s work isn’t misogynist enough, he even asks the sitter, played by Freddie Prinze Jr., if he’s gay.


“Amazing, you look much the same as your child, Mrs. Tribbiani.”

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Joey gets amped up for a unisex sack he got for a tryout — he cherishes all the compartments and what it looks like — yet the show tries ridiculing him for the cowhide travel bag. It’s an alluring sack! Who cares what sexual orientation you are on the off chance that you like it?


“Hello look at me, I’m a prostitute!”

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In conceivably the most cringeworthy consecutive scenes, “The One That Could Have Been (Part 1 and 2),” the show investigates an elective universe when Monica didn’t get more fit. The greater part of the hostile jokes rotate around her having a wild appetite. In it, she loses her virginity to Chandler and appears to be so terribly grateful that he is keen on her explicitly, with a suggestion that men don’t regularly locate her alluring in light of the fact that she is hefty estimated. She says this line after she engages in sexual relations unexpectedly. Not exclusively is “whore” not incredible, but rather in this setting it additionally is by all accounts ridiculing non-thin ladies getting a charge out of sex for sex.


“Stupid old ideal for-the-work Hilda”

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In Season 7, Rachel is gone up against with the decision of recruiting for a partner either a more established lady with long stretches of involvement or a hot fella named Tag. Every one of her companions urge her to picked the more qualified worker, to which she makes this ageist reaction. Additionally, she feels free to enlist Tag, generalizes him in the workplace, and takes part in an extramarital entanglements with him. Extraordinary business good example that Rachel.

You may have missed these hostile Friends jokes the first run through around, yet now you’ll have the option to watch out for them during your next rewatch.

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